About Jay

I am a 5 year fitness and foodie veteran, with a passion for eating all the right things without sacrificing that "Ooooooooh yeaahhh" meal time satisfaction. Love keeping in shape, but possibly love eating even more, so I have made it my mission to develop my kitchen know-how in a way that compliments both.

Carrot Cake Baked Oats Bliss

Woah, hold the phone, is this really a carrot cake for breakfast?!? Yes, yes it is, and you better believe it……its gooooood! But panic not, [...]

Autumn Harvest Overnight Proats

Autumn, the fitness junkie's season of delights for the harvest of all those low sugar berries and fruit. And what better use for the [...]

Grilled Chicken and Courgette Summer Salad

Disclaimer alert; I might be about to teach some of you how to suck eggs. But just try and stop me. I introduce to you, [...]

Sticky Venison Burger Loco Moco

So you have found yourself with a spare venison burger, but bread is not on the menu for tonight…what will you couple with this delicious [...]

Hot ‘n’ Fruity Spinach, Lentil and Egg Salad

This lentil and egg salad is an ideal evening meal for a morning workout fitness regime, getting you a healthy dose of fats, clean protein, and [...]