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WEEK 7 Eat – The importance of going from 5/7-7/7


WEEK 7 Eat – The importance of going from 5/7 – 7/7


Key points:

  • 5/7 basically means two whole days off every week
  • Easy to over eat in those two days off especially if drinking alcohol and junk food
  • How to go from 5/7 to 7/7 socres:
    • Track ALL your foods before cooking
    • Meal prep to save time and always have something healthy on hand
    • Work out at home if you cant make it to the gym – something is always better than nothing
    • Remove the junk food¬†from your cupboards
    • Focus on the simplest form of the game – just focus on hitting those weekly scores and don’t overcomplicate things
    • Check in EVERY¬†week to stay accountable
    • Watch the weekly Q&A sessions and study these weekly videos
    • Complete the mindset exercises to stay focused and avoid going off track