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Cupboard Cleanse


MISSION 3 – Cupboard Cleanse


Key points:

The Diet Makeover

  • The first two weeks of the programme are a “Diet Makeover”
  • This means – No sugar, No alcohol, No wheat, No dairy
  • You’ll learn more about this in week 1
  • But for now, we want to help you prepare

The Cupboard Cleanse

  • If it’s not in your house, it won’t go into your body
  • Eliminate willpower from the equation
  • Replace unhealthy food with good food and still have lots to eat

What To Do Now…

Go and clean out your cupboards!

STEP 1 – Remove all items containing sugar, wheat, dairy and alcohol

STEP 2 – Dispose of those foods in one of the following ways:

  • Give them away at work
  • Give them to your family
  • Donate them at the supermarket
  • Lock them in box that you can’t open

STEP 3 – Click the button below to find out what to replace those foods with…