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WEEK 2 Eat – Meal prep


WEEK 2 Eat – Meal prep


Key points:

  • Prepare multiple meals in advance rather than one at a time – the more meals you prep at one time, the more time you will save
  • Helps you to stick to the food choices by always having something ready to grab & go!
  • Choose to prep meals which will freeze well e.g curries, chillies and risottos rather than things like salads
  •  Equipment
    • Store these meals in tupperware containers (plastic or glass are both fine)
    • Having a very large pan will help a lot!
  • Time saving
    • Saves you up to 5 hours every week (almost an extra day each month!)
    • Gives you more social time or more “me time” and less stress
    • Do it at least once every week (e.g. Sunday evening)