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WEEK 7 Gain – Putting yourself first


WEEK 7 Gain – Putting yourself first


Key points:

  • You have our permission to be selfish when you are on this programme
  • People will try to sabotage you during your fat loss journey
  • You must look after yourself first in order to help everybody else



  • Aim to get 3-4 litres per day
  • The body needs to be hydrated to burn fat
  • If you don’t take in enough water you might still not see any results
  • Carry a water bottle around with you
  • Take as many toilet breaks as you need

Food choices:

  • It can be difficult to make good food choices when you eat with others
  • Stick to what you know you should be doing to get the results you want
  • You can STILL have fun and not eat 3 desserts
  • Friends/family will get used to your way of eating
  • They will show you resistance and try to drag you down to their level
  • You cannot give in!


  • Remember why you are in the gym – to get through your workout and get those results
  • Put yourself first and don’t feel pressured by anybody else
  • You are just as entitled to be there as any other person!


  • Not drinking alcohol will give you the best possible results
  • When you go out for drinks, set yourself a limit
  • Decide what you will drink before you go out
  • Prepare responses to people’s nagging before you even leave the house
  • For example, just say: “No thanks, I’m not drinking”
  • Drive to the event if you need an excuse
  • You can STILL have fun and not get hammered