The Competition

We are so proud of every single person who entered our Cutting Challenge – we couldn’t have asked for more effort or commitment! Each entrant recieved a copy of our 12-week Ultimate Cutting plan and the individual with the best body transformation was awarded the grand prize!

The competition was fully subscribed in just a few days, with 100 successful entrants embarking on their fitness journeys. Everyone blew us away with their commitment, and every entrant should be proud of their achievements.

Unfortunately, we had the difficult task of choosing just one winner. Here are our five top entrants – each of these individuals showed unfaltering commitment and worked with us to overcome any issues they had over the 12 weeks!

Kelsey Hogan Top 5

5. Kelsey Hogan

Kelsey was an absolute star and was already in great shape when she started the program and saw some incredible progress in the first few weeks. Later on in the plan, the increased cardio eventually reached a point where we felt it was preventing Kelsey from making further progress. We made some small tweaks to her diet and training, and she kept on pushing and improving right until the end.

Kelsey has now moved on to our Ultimate Bikini plan, and we hope to share even more of her amazing progress with you in the future!

Luke Abbott Top 5

4. Luke Abbott

Luke now lives and breathes the fitness lifestyle, and has clearly put in some serious hard work over the past 12 weeks. Luke has achieved the holy grail on the Cutting plan – he shredded body fat whilst simultaneously building muscle. The pictures speak 1000 words, with more defined delts, chest and arms. Plus, check out that vascularity!

Luke has grabbed a copy of our Ultimate Muscle plan, which should be perfect for taking him to the next level before cutting for next summer.

Kelly Welch Top 5

3. Kelly Welch

Kelly has been incredible throughout these past 12 weeks. Kelly is a mother, so on top of her child care duties, she has been religiously following an intense training routine and a strict diet. As you can see from the pictures, Kelly rapidly reduced body fat and seriously toned up her stomach!

Kelly is continuing her journey on our female-specific Ultimate Bikini plan, which will help her boost her metabolism with 8 weeks muscle-building, before moving on to an 8-week cutting phase.

Charlie Hefferon Top 5

2. Charlie Hefferon

Just look at those new-found abs! With a sexy stomach like that, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Charlie strutting her stuff on stage in a Bikini contest in the near future. Charlie has learned what works best for her body, and together we made some intelligent tweaks to her diet to maximise progress without her feeling like she was starving! Charlie is a great example of how you can transform a good body to a great body in just 12 weeks with motivation and the right plan!

Charlie has also picked up a copy of our Ultimate Bikini plan, and we hope to be able to share even more of her inspirational progress.

Jack Henderson Overall Winner

1. Jack Henderson [Winner]

I think the pictures speak for themselves, so we’ll keep this short! Jack trained like hell throughout the plan, even smashing his workouts whilst on holiday. Jack is a great example of how you can still get shredded on our plan without sacrificing all of your favourite foods – Jack confessed to eating garlic bread and ice cream whilst on holiday, but he upped the effort in his workouts and stuck to his macros and the results are still amazing!

As overall winner, Jack will receive a copy of every TEG training plan for the next year, which includes our Ultimate Muscle plan and our Ultimate Bikini plan (for his girlfriend, of course). He will also be able to get his hands on some exciting new plans, including the Ultimate Strength plan (currently in development – more on this soon!).

More Contestants

It was a great shame to have to whittle down the entries to just 5. We simply can’t ignore everyone’s hard work, so here is a gallery of all of the contestants! Thank you all for entering and keep working towards your fitness goals.

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