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I followed the plan religiously. I learnt a lot about nutrition and it introduced me to counting macros. The lads are a great help and give great advice and encouragement. As I had a knee operation 4 weeks before I started the plan I adapted the plan around my specific needs, changing exercise to benefit my recovery. I have cut right down and feel in great shape thanks to this programme and I have and will continue to recommend this plan to anyone who is looking to cut down and get lean!

I think the pictures speak for themselves, so we’ll keep this short! Jack trained like hell for 12 weeks on our Ultimate Cutting plan, even smashing out workouts whilst on holiday. Jack is a great example of how you can still get shredded on our plan without sacrificing all of your favourite foods – Jack confessed to eating garlic bread and ice cream whilst on holiday, but he put in the effort with each and every workout and stuck to his macros and his results really are amazing!

As overall winner, Jack will receive a copy of every TEG training plan for the next year, which includes our Ultimate Muscle plan and our Ultimate Bikini plan (for his girlfriend, of course). He will also be able to get his hands on some exciting new plans, including the Ultimate Strength plan (currently in development – more on this soon!).