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We received hundreds of progress pictures for Month One of our 2015 Cutting Challenge and we’re hugely impressed by all of your results so far! Every single one of you has made progress and you should all be proud of your achievements so far — you’re all one sixth of the way to your dream body already!

Important: Remember that everyone’s body changes shape at different rates. We keep banging on about this, but it really is true. For some of you, results may take a month or two longer to be really noticeable, but we can promise one thing — stay consistent and stick to the plan and your time will come!

Unfortunately we’ve had the tricky task of picking just one winner for Transformation of the Month, and it wasn’t an easy decision to make!

We have picked out our top 5 transformations for January, plus a number of runners up who missed out by just a hair’s breadth — it really was that close between the top 10-15 entries, so please don’t be too disappointed if you didn’t make it into the top 5.

However, there can be only one winner each month. Scroll down to find out who won overall honours this month.

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#CC2015 Results

1. Laura-Jane Sneddon [Month 1 Winner]

Congratulations Laura! Your transformation has hugely impressed both of us here at TEG, but, just as importantly in our eyes, your commitment has been unfaltering and it really shows — you should be really proud of how far you’ve come already and we’ve still got 5 months to go!

You are the lucky winner of any one item of TEG Clothing plus a tub of super-scrumptious HogNuts nut butter (flavour to be confirmed).

We asked Laura to sum up her experience so far and here’s what she said:

“I ended 2014 miserable and unhappy with the way I looked but I decided that I wasn’t going to let 2015 go the same way. I’ve always wanted to become lean and strong but just never had the confidence or the knowledge to make the changes until I came across Train Eat Gain. I think I read every article on the website and having seen the transformations from last year’s Cutting Challenge and how supportive Rob and Ben were on Twitter I decided to sign up myself.  After years of fad diets and listening to bad advice I can honestly say it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.  I feel lean, healthy and strong in only 5 weeks and I’m excited to see what I can achieve by June.  With Rob and Ben’s guidance I hope to lower my body fat to under 20% and to have a nice set of defined abs for Summer.”

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#CC2015 Results

2. Dan Monahan

Just in behind Laura (although it was almost impossible to decide between the two) was Dan. Apart from the reduction in chest hair Dan has been making nothing but lean gains on #CC2015. We’re already starting to see some abs start to peak through and he’s not even onto the fat-loss phase yet! Congratulations Dan!

As with Laura, we asked Dan about his experience so far on #CC2015 and here’s what he had to say:

“I discovered TEG back in early 2014 on Twitter. I’ve always been in to building muscle and going to the gym and as a natural hardgainer I’ve tried everything possible but never really made major gains.

My biggest issue which I finally realised recently was “I’m a program hopper”. I see one thing online and I try that, then next I see another thing, one minute I want to get big and eat big the next I think I should get lean. Which means I’ve got nowhere for years now.

When #CC2015 came up I jumped at the chance to hand over all the thinking to the guys at TEG and I’ve unsubscribed to everything else and just follow the very well detailed plan. I’m not questioning anything, just following the plan to a T.

The guys are so quick at replying to any questions no matter how silly they seem and their knowledge and help has been amazing.

I cannot wait to see where I’m at in 5 months time, I’m going to be a Father for the first time in August 2015 and I want to be in the best shape of my life.”

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#CC2015 Results

3. Mark Betts

A close third was Mark (if that first progress pic was from the same angle it may have been top spot, Mark!). Mark is 46 years old and his results are a clear demonstration that age is not a valid excuse! Mark is already looking better than most 25 year olds after just one month so we can’t wait to see what the rest of the plan brings. Top work Mark!

Here’s Mark’s take on his experiences so far:

“I found out about the #CC2015 challenge via the Train Eat Gain Twitter feeds. As a 46 year old with a passion for fitness but lacking in direction and a knowledge of nutrition I was looking for a new challenge. This plan worked from the get go. The workouts are well structured, varied and tough but the results are incredible. After one month I’m down 3% body fat and feeling stronger and healthier than I have in years!!

I’m hoping with the constant support from the team I’ll be down to 10% or less body fat by the end of the plan and looking strong and healthy for a guy of advancing years.

The support from the TEG team is awesome. I invite anyone reading this to take up the challenge. I promise you won’t regret it.”

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#CC2015 Results

4. Michael Adeniran

Another fantastic transformation in at number 4. Michael has clearly leaned up considerably over the past month, all whilst working 12 hour days — that’s no mean feat! He has more definition showing all over and now there’s no sign of that little gut that was starting to protrude at the start – excellent stuff Michael!

Let’s see what Michael has to say about his first month on #CC2015:

“I found out about about #CC2015 through my partner just before Christmas. Working 12 hours a day, I struggled to stick to plans I found online that didn’t offer guidance, so I decided to give this challenge a try because of the help I could receive. So far the plan has been amazing. I get to eat a lot of good food rather then restrict myself like I have in the past and I love the variety of gym workouts. I hope to continue to lose fat and really start increasing muscle mass and finally get that summer body. Just be motivated and stick to the workouts and monitor your eating. Even if you have something that’s outside your eating plan, don’t beat yourself up about it, just work it into your macros and enjoy the ride.”

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#CC2015 Results

5. Chloe Pike

Just check out those lean gains made by Chloe in just one month! Chloe has already built a solid base of muscle after just one month which will set her up perfectly for the fat loss stage later in the plan — that 15% body fat goal is definitely achievable. Amazing work Chloe!

Here’s Chloe’s thoughts on the #CC2015 plan so far:

“I started following @TrainEatGain on Twitter and found out about #CC2015 by their tweets. I had been doing near enough the same workout routine for about 9 months beforehand and had stopped seeing results. TrainEatGain’s #CC2015 has been a great opportunity to learn more exercises and styles of workouts. The workouts leave me aching all over and the nutrition is simple and easy to follow. I actually eat more calories now and workout less than I did before and I’m already seeing far better results! The guys are always easy to reach and have always answered all my questions quickly. My aims by the end of the 6 months is to have a better education in fitness but also have an awesome set of defined abs, be toned all over and I’m hoping to get my body fat percentage down to about 15%. Thank you for everything!”

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More Contestants

It was a great shame to have to whittle down the entries to just 5. We simply can’t ignore everyone’s hard work, so here is a gallery of a few more of the top contestants’ entries for January! Thank you all for entering and keep smashing #CC2015 — you might just be #1 next month.

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Please note that you will not be eligible for the monthly prizes if you purchase the #CC2015 plan. The prizes were exclusively for entrants of the 2015 Cutting Challenge, although the plan you can buy is the same as that used by the people listed on this page.