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Relying on a meal plan is a one way ticket to failure-ville!

This might seem like a bold statement, so let me explain with a simple example…

Take Jodie. Jodie has been given a meal plan with her fitness programme. It tells her exactly what and how much to eat for every single meal.

Jodie was sticking to her meal plan until she had to work late one night. When she left work, the supermarket was shut. Although she had food in the fridge at home, none of it fitted with her meal plan for that evening.

So, Jodie figured that evening was a lost cause, and the only places still open were takeaways. There were lots of choices available: Chinese, indian, KFC and McDonalds. Since none of these were on her meal plan, Jodie didn’t know which was the best option.

She decided to just go for Chinese, having a big bag of deep-fried goodies: prawn crackers, spring rolls, sweet and sour chicken and crispy seaweed — she was “off plan” so it was a lost cause after all!

Sound familiar?

What if Jodie also wanted to go out for her friend’s Birthday at an Indian restaurant at the weekend?

Jodie had no idea what was best choice on the menu. Her meal plan said she should be eating one tin of tuna with two potatoes, half a tin of sweetcorn and half a head of broccoli.

Since Jodie had already gone off plan once this week, and she was really determined, she decided she didn’t want to sacrifice her results any further. So instead of going and enjoying herself, Jodie lied to her friends, made up a lame excuse and skipped her friend’s Birthday.

Which left her feeling guilty and miserable… and she ended up binging on a sharing bag of Maltesers anyway!

It’s tragic, but all too often people are scared of social situations due to some crazy strict diet plan!

Is this the kind of life you want to lead?

It doesn’t sound fun or fulfilling to me!

Plus, do you want to be a prisoner to a meal plan for the rest of your life?

(‘Cos with that approach, you will have to if you want to stay in shape)


Personally, I have enough stress in my life as it is. I don’t need the added stress of sticking to a meal plan set in stone!

But don’t worry – we have found a better way to get the results you want!

To finally melt the stubborn belly fat and tone up.

We don’t have a fancy name for our approach, but it simply involves tracking the food we eat and making it fit a set of targets.

These targets are tailored to you and your goals, whether that’s to lose fat, maintain your weight or increase your weight and build muscle.

If you want to get a set of nutrition targets specific to you, simply get your free 2-week training plan and get started right away!

Learning to track your nutrition allows you to take control of your diet, no matter what the world throws at you!

It’s not an overnight process, but as with every skill worth learning, practice makes perfect.

Only yesterday, Ben (my partner in crime) messaged me saying he hadn’t had a chance to track his nutrition that day, but out of curiosity he entered everything he ate at the end of the day and his calories were bang on and his macronutrients were within 2% of his targets! (that’s pretty good by the way)

This approach may sounds like hard work at first, but think of it like driving to work.

When you first learn to drive it’s very daunting and there’s so many things going on you wonder how you’ll ever manage. You can just about master clutch control and pull away, but there’s no way you can concentrate while listening to a podcast at the same time as driving along!

However, over time you develop the skill of driving and soon you’re able to make it to your destination without even thinking about what you’re doing with the clutch, and the same goes for tracking your nutrition.

Most of the time you can operate on autopilot, but when you do end up in an unfamiliar situation, you can focus and apply the skills you’ve learned to stay on track!

So to conclude…

We never use meal plans with our clients as they do nothing to teach you how to stay in shape in the long run (and that’s what we’re all about).

As the old saying goes: “Give a man a fish and you’ll feed him for day. Teach a man to fish and you’ll feed him for a lifetime.”

We want you to be able to manage your diet on your own.

All it takes is a bit of education and practice, and you too will be able to stay lean year round and still enjoy what you eat!

PS- If you want to learn how to manage your diet effortlessly (without having to starve yourself), just enter your email address below and we’ll send you your FREE 2-week fat loss plan”.