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Weekly Checkin

Weekly Checkin

Step 1 – Record Your Weekly Scores

Using the tracker below tally up your TRAIN, EAT and GAIN scores and record your body measurements for the week. You can either print the tracker out or simply copy the table into a journal by hand – the key thing is that you keep track of your scores every day and know how you are doing. Note: If you don’t track your scores we will not be able to carry out your progress reviews

DOWNLOAD Monthly Score Tracker

You will need to record the following:

What week number you have just completed

A score for how many workouts you managed this week (eg. 3/4)

A score for how many days you stuck to your “diet” (eg. 4/7)
Weeks 1-2: Stuck to Diet Makeover food choices
Weeks 2-4: Calories within 100 kcal of your target
Weeks 5+: Calories within 100kcal and protein within 20g

A score for how many days you did your ‘gain’ mindset exercises (eg. 5/7)
Week 1: Green smoothie
Week 2: Smoothie + 6 min. mediation
Week 3: Smoothie + 10 min. meditation + Big Win
Week 4 onwards: Smoothie + 12 min. meditation + Big Win

Measurements from 4 key locations as well as any individual problem areas:
Waist: The narrowest point width-wise, usually just above the navel
Hips: The widest point on the bottom half of your body
Thighs: The fullest part of upper leg while standing
Arms: Above your elbows around the widest part

IMPORTANT: Write these scores down somewhere SAFE as they will be needed for your monthly progress reviews.


Step 2 – Submit Your Weekly Scores

Complete the following form so we have a copy of your weekly scores on our system:

Step 3 – Complete Your Progress Reviews

We will carry out a THOROUGH progress review every 30 days to make sure you are staying on track and getting the best possible results from your hard work. You will find prompts in your workout calendar to tell you when you need to complete the 30-Day, 60-Day and 90-Day review process:

  • If you have just completed week 4 or week 8 – CLICK HERE to go to the 30/60-Day progress review form
  • If you have completed your 90 day cycle – CLICK HERE to go to the 90-Day progress review form

In between these progress reviews, if your progress stalls for more than two weeks or you start gaining weight and inches, please do not hesitate to fill out a support ticket


Step 4 – Submit Your Biggest Win & Support Questions

Reply to the weekly Facebook Checkin Post:

1. Find the official Checkin post in the TRINITY Facebook Community posted by Victoria Speakman.

2. Reply to the official post with the following:

  • TRAIN Score
  • EAT Score
  • GAIN Score
  • What was your biggest “win” this week?
  • What’s the one thing you need help or support with?

3. Your questions will be answered in DETAIL during the weekly video Q&A session with Ben & Rob. You will be sent a recording of the call to watch when it suits you AND you will be sent the answers to your specific questions.

NOTE: If you have support questions which you do not feel comfortable sharing publicly or questions which are about a complex individual situation rather than something general, please fill out a support ticket 🙂


Step 5 – Review Your Feedback

1. Watch the weekly Q&A video recording

We will answer your individual support questions through our weekly video Q&A session. The recording will be sent out via email and posted in the Facebook community.

The HUGE benefit of this is you’ll not only get the answers to your own questions… But you’ll receive a bonus TWO HOURS of coaching from me and Rob

Your knowledge of the programme… and more importantly YOUR RESULTS will be taken to a whole new level!

2. Read your individual feedback

don’t worry if you don’t think you have time to listen to the whole thing every week… (although you’d be crazy not to if you actually want to transform your body)

You’ll ALSO get a text based version of your answers typed up by Victoria which will be sent out on Wednesday to the Facebook community 🙂