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Ultimate Muscle 2.0 – Update Nutrition Targets

What is this page for?

This is the very same process we use to ensure we’re staying on track. Simply read the questions below and click on the answer that’s best describes your situation. You will then be given an action to do next.

Please note: If you feel that your situation is not covered in this process, feel free to get in touch with us at and we’ll be happy to help (e.g. if you think you’re gaining weight too fast and putting on fat).

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Update nutrition targets

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How to increase carbs and fats in MyFitnessPal

You can use this ‘fix’ below to make more accurate adjustments to your goals on MyFitnessPal than the mobile app allows you too.

Please note: this can only be done on a computer, not on a mobile device (as far as we are aware anyway).

  1. Install the Enhanced Macro Goals script for MyFitnessPal following these instructions (it’s easiest in Safari and Internet Explorer).
  2. Go to the custom goals editor on MyFitnessPal online (If you’re using Safari or Internet Explorer, you now need to click the new bookmark you added).
  3. Update your goals in grams – change your calories, fats and carbs, and leave the protein the same.
  4. Click the change goals button at the bottom.
  5. This will then sync with your phone/tablet.