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WEEK 9 Eat – Progressing vs. maintaining


WEEK 9 Eat – Progressing vs. maintaining


Key points:

  • It takes MUCH more effort to make progress than to maintain
  • When you can’t give it your all just maintain rather than giving up
  • Our recommendations for maintaining:
    • DM food choices for 80% of what you eat
    • follow our portion control guidelines
    • Exercise 3-4 times per week (weights if possible)
  • If you maintain you can keep progressing again straight after! If you go backwards you have to catch up…
  • It’s ALWAYS easier to keep up than to catch up
  • Once the programme is over and you get to where you want to be, you won’t have to track foods forever and go to the gym 4 times per week and you will get away with a lot less 🙂
  • But FIRST you have to put in the work
  • Remember – after the programme, if you go back to your old ways you will go backwards