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WEEK 8 Eat – How to tweak fats and carbs


WEEK 8 Eat – How to tweak fats and carbs


Key points:

  • Remember – you only need to get within 5% of your targets
  • You will get better but only if you try to continue to practice and aim to make progress
  • Have a look at your current macros and see which ones need to increase/decrease
  • Adjust portion sizes to try and get closer to your ideal macros
  • Tips for macros tracking:
    • Track EVERYTHING that you eat
    • Track before you cook or eat
    • Estimate the amounts you are eating when eating out – don’t worry about it being perfect
    • Aim to make progress
  • If carbs are too high – reduce portion sizes
  • If fats are too high – reduce portion sizes
  • Download our food groups guide to help you understand which foods are proteins, fats and carbs
  • Remember – You won’t have to do this forever!
  • Understanding what’s in your food will help you make better choices when you don’t track