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WEEK 6 Gain – How long to expect results


WEEK 6 Gain – How long to expect results


Key points:

  • Varies from person to person – the results we publish (and other programmes publish) are our BEST results so don’t compare yourself to those
  • If you are sticking to everything 100% – at least one month to expect to see visual results
  • If you are sticking to the programme 50% – expect to see results half as fast (if at all)
  • Consistency is the most important thing  – the small things you can do each day add up to make a big difference
  • We recommend you don’t restart the programme for the following reasons:
    • Never finish the programme
    • Stuck in the cycle of repeating weeks
    • Never get to your progress reviews
    • Makes it harder for us to help you succeed
    • Better to stick to the calorie progression
  • Instead, simply continue with the programme and learn and improve from what happens