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WEEK 6 Eat – Carbs and Fats


WEEK 6 Eat – Carbs and Fats




Food Groups Guide (Click To Download)

Key points:

  • Carbs are not evil
  • Fats are not evil
  • Both are perfectly good energy sources and required for a healthy body
    • Carbs are better fuel for your weight training workouts but can spike insulin
    • Fats are good fuel for low impact activities
  • The body is constantly switching between these two energy sources depending on wat activity you are doing
  • A balanced diet containing enough fats and enough carbs is the best approach because you can stick to it long term and not rebound after the programme when you continue to eat “normally”
  • How to increase carbs:
    • Bigger portions when you have main meals
    • Eat more fruits as snacks
    • Up them with healthy choices – potatoes, sweet potatoes, white basmati
    • Still prioritise vegetables
  • How to increase fats:
    • Oily fish Salmon/Mackerel instead of lean chicken
    • Fattier cuts of meat
    • Snack on nuts
    • Snack on dark chocolate
    • Avocado
    • Drizzle oil on cooked food
    • Cook with coconut oil, coconut milk
    • Whole eggs
  • You will get the hang of hitting your macros with practice
  • Don’t worry if you struggle at the start
  • Track everything before you start cooking
  • Only need to get within 5% of your targets and over your protein
  •  Aim for progress not perfection