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WEEK 5 Train – Advanced workouts techniques


WEEK 5 Train – Advanced workouts techniques


Key points:

  • Pyramid sets (DPT)
    • Different reps and weight used for each set
    • Light weight for high reps and heavy weight for low reps
    • Take a full rest period in between each set
  • German Volume Training (GVT)
    • 10 sets of 10 reps
    • Same weight used throughout – use less than usual for GVT
  • Drop sets
    • Add these if you want to increase workout difficulty
    • On the final set of an exercise, once you have completed all the reps, reduce the weight and continue doing more reps
    • Can be a single or double drop set
  • Eccentrics (pullups)
    • Exaggerate the “lowering” portion of the movement
    • Assist yourself in getting to to top position in body weight exercises
    • Lower yourself back to the start as slowly as possible (6-10 seconds)
  • These techniques may be programmed into your workouts so just follow them as written
  • We change the workouts and techniques every month to keep you progressing and getting more toned
  • If you keep on doing the same your body gets used to it and will stop changing
  • Advanced techniques keep you interested and keeps you seeing results