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WEEK 5 Eat – Protein


WEEK 5 Eat – Protein


Key points:

  • Protein will help with muscle building (AKA toning) as well as helping your lose body fat
  • Aim to hit your protein target within 20g
  • More protein is not better – your body can only use so much
  • You might find our target low. We have based this on your LEAN┬ábody mass which is more accurate so there’s no need for us to overestimate.
  • Aim to take in protein in EVERY meal that you eat
  • Not all protein created equal – in order of protein quality
    • 1. Meat/fish/eggs
    • 2. Protein shakes
    • 3. Quorn
    • 4. Beans/soy/legumes/grains
  • Best proteins are complete proteins which can be easily used by the body to tone up and lose fat
  • If your protein too low – add protein shakes
  • If your protein too high – stop having protein shakes