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WEEK 4 Train – Contrast week


WEEK 4 Train – Contrast week


Key points:

  • Get out of the gym and do something else exercise wise
  • A chance for your body and joints to recover
  • Avoid injury and boredom from repetetive movements
  • Every 4th week of the programme (but it can move)
  • The duration should be the same as your usual workouts (unless doing HIIT, in which case stick to 20 minutes)
  • Do the same number of workouts as usual
  • Do exercise you enjoy – this can be anything! Don’t limit yourself 🙂
  • No need to reduce calories – keep everything the same with your nutrition
  • You can still do weights if you like
    • Do something different to usual
    • Reduce weight to 50% of what you’d normally lift
    • Perform the same number of sets and reps as normal
  • It’s NOT a week off
  • You will STILL see results (if you do it properly)