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WEEK 3 Eat – Reintroducing DM foods


WEEK 3 Eat – Reintroducing DM foods


Key points:

  • If you stuck to the DM for the whole plan you’d get the best results
  • But that’s not sustainable or realistic for most people
  • From now on, as well as counting calories, you will follow the 1-80 rule
    • 80% of calories from single ingredient foods
    • 20% of calories can be more flexible
  • Try reintroducing the “banned” foods one by one
    • Wheat
    • Dairy
  • Anything without side-effects (e.g. boating, tiredness, digestoin problems) – eat 20% of the time max
  • Anything with negative side-effects avoid as much as possible
  • The more you eat of non-“Diet Makeover” foods the worse your results

Treat Meals:

  • For a treat meal, you can any foods you like!
  • Limit your Treat meal to once a week
  • Remember: it’s a Meal.. NOT a day
  • Don’t go crazy and totally over-do it
  • If it’s within calories you are winning
  • Plan to have your treat meal for social occasions so you can enjoy yourself