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WEEK 3 Eat – Counting calories


WEEK 3 Eat – Counting calories


Key points:


  • Eating the right foods is important, but getting the right amount of food is even more important!
  • It’s easy to get the wrong amount of calories by “just eating healthy”
  • People cannot notice the difference between over/under-eating by 20%
  • Overeating means you’ll gain weight
  • Less calories does not always mean faster results
  • Under eating too much slows down your metabolism and stops your results
  • There’s a “sweet spot” in terms of calories that will get you the best results
  • You need targets specific to you to get the fastest results (everyone’s different)


  1. Download calorie counting app to smartphone (We highly recommend MyFitnessPal)
  2. Enter your nutrition targets
  3. Turn off the step tracking function
  4. Track everything you eat before you eat it
  5. Practice makes perfect
  6. Aim to get within 100 kcal of your target
  7. Your day = the time between waking up and going to sleep (even if you are shift worker)

Meal timing:

  • Not important at all – hitting your total calories is the #1 thing!
  • You can even eat food and carbs right before bed if you like
  • Meal timing will NOT affect your results on this programme


  • Consistency is the most important thing
  • Track everything or we can’t tweak your programme!