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WEEK 2 Train – Rest and Recovery


WEEK 2 Train – Rest and Recovery


Key points:

  • The importance of rest days
    • Your body will not have chance to recover properly
    • You won’t make progress on the programme!
    • Working out creates a stimulus for change but rest is required for that change to happen.
  • DOMS
    • Not an indicator of a good workout
    • Some people get very sore muscles after exercising, some don’t (aka the lucky ones!)
    • Don’t worry about it but make sure you are challenging yourself with correct form, tempo, rest periods and enough weight (See: WEEK 1 Train – Getting started in the gym)
  • Increasing weight (not always possible)
    • Do increase if you can do so safely
    • During low calories, strength gain is difficult
    • Gaining strength is not the #1 priority
  • Adding extra exercise
    • It is possible but will affect results
    • For best results stick the programme the way it’s written
    • Eat back extra calories burned for extra exercise (anything more than 4 workouts per week)
    • Anything that you would count as a “workout” is classes as extra exercise – things like walking to the shops or walking the dog don’t count 🙂