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WEEK 2 Train – Planning and programming


WEEK 2 Train – Planning and programming



Holiday Survival Guide

Key points:

  • Why the workout programme is how it is…
    • Sets and reps change every week which is called periodisation
    • Volume is increased as the programme progresses
    • This will give better results than doing the SAME each week
  • Planning around Holidays
    • Do your best while you are away 🙂 Don’t give up!
    • Plan your contrast week to be on your holiday (Contrast weeks are usually in weeks 4, 8 and 12 of the programme – a contrast week means you exercise for the same number of workouts and the same duration but you choose whatever exercise you want to do rather than what’s listed in the programme)
    • If you exercise 3-4 times per week while on holiday, carry on with programme when you get back – there is no need to go back and repeat a week in this case.
    • If you skip a week completely and do no exercise while on holiday, go back and repeat the weekt hat you missed once you get back.
  • Holiday nutrition
    • If you want the best possible results, stick to the Diet Makeover food choices for 80% of what you eat
    • Follow the portion control guidelines (See WEEK 2 Eat – Portion control)
    • Remember you can simply maintain while you are away! (you don’t have to move forwards or backwards in terms of your progress)
  • Coping with Illness
    • #1 thing is to focus on getting better first
    • Go and see a qualified medical professional and get yourself checked out
    • Try to follow the nutrition if you can, a healthy diet should help you recover as quickly as possible (if you have no appetite then this may not be possible)
    • If you stick to more than 50% and just miss a few of days, carry on with the programme
    • If you do no exercise or diet for an entire week, repeat the week