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WEEK 2 Eat – Portion control


WEEK 2 Eat – Portion control


Key points:

  • We’ll get you started with calorie-counting from next week. For now, stick to our portion control guidelines while you are on the Diet Makeover phase
  • Aim for the following in every meal:
    • 2 cupped handful of carbs
    • 1 palm-sized portion of protein
    • 2 thumb-sized portion of fats (roughly 1 tablespoon)
    • 2 fist-sized portions of colourful vegetables
  • Think about getting protein and vegetables with every meal to get the best results from the programme
  • A lot of people don’t eat enough protein or colourful vegetables to lose fat
  • The guidelines will also come in handy when you are on holiday, eating out or unable to weigh and measure what you are eating