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WEEK 2 Eat – Eating healthy on the go


WEEK 2 Eat – Eating healthy on the go


Key points:

  • Try to choose a healthy restaurant if possible
    • AVOID takeaways and fast food!
    • CHOOSE somehwhere healthy e.g. Nandos’s
  • Try to make good choices from the menu
    • AVOID dishes loaded with sugar
    • AVOID lots of bread
    • AVOID deep fried foods
    • AVOID sauces
    • AVOID processed meats
    • CHOOSE Lean cuts of meat or fish
    • CHOOSE a side of salad or vegetables
  • Plan around your meal out
    • Eat less calories for breakfast and lunch
    • Make good food choices for breakfast and lunch
  • Don’t feel guilty about going out with friends and family but try to limit the damage đŸ™‚