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WEEK 11 Train – Maintaining (Workouts)


WEEK 11 Train – Maintaining (Workouts)

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Key points:

  • To make progress you NEED to be doing 3-4 workouts per week
  • To maintain you can probably get away with just 3 per week
  • The most bang for your buck will ALWAYS come from weight training:
    • Boosts metabolism and keeps it high
    • Still burns body fatn during your workout
    • Keeps you strong and toned
  • So we recommend that you continue to include weight training after the programme
  • If you love other forms of exercises then by all means do them for fun
  • If you want to improve cardio fitness then add in cardio also but try to fit in at least 2 weights sessions per week
  • If you want to continue to make progress, don’t expect to keep seeing changes if you keep doing the same thing every week
  • You need to increase volume to keep seeing results going forwards of you will simply plateau and we can help you with that if you choose to do another cycle or you can do this by yourself