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WEEK 1 Train – Getting started in the gym


WEEK 1 Train – Getting started in the gym


Key points:

  • How to choose a weight:
    • You must be able to perform the required reps with PERFECT form and the correct tempo
    • Aim to be around 1-2 reps away from complete failure – there is no need to go to failure on every set but you still need to lift enough to challenge yourself e.g. for a set of 12 reps, choose a weight where you would hit failure at 14 reps
    • Always start out lighter and then increase if necessary
    • Err on the side of caution – slightly lighter is better than too heavy even if that means you are near the top of the rep range e.g. you can perform 12 good reps for a set of 10-12 reps
    • Most important thing is to avoid injury!
  • If you think it’s too easy:
    • First make sure your form is correct – watch the videos in your workout programme or get a member of the gym staff to help you out
    • Make sure you are using the correct tempo, especially for the lowering portion of the movement (Note: not every workout programme will have tempo listed from the start)
    • If your form and tempo are perfect, increase the weight to make your workouts more challenging
    • Make sure you are sticking to the given rest periods and not taking longer than is written
  • If you’re struggling…
    • Ask someone at your gym to check your form and show you how it’s done – they won’t charge you for this so get the most out of your membership fee 🙂