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WEEK 1 Gain – Green smoothie


WEEK 1 Gain – Green smoothie


Key points:

  • First part of the TRINITY mindset routine
  • Drink a green smoothie every morning for 1 point on your GAIN score
  • Have as much or as little as you like (one small glass is absolutely fine!)
  • Max score for the week is 7/7
  • Why drink a green smoothie every morning:
    • All-day energy boost
    • Positive start
    • Hydration
    • Vitamins and minerals
    • Better skin, hair and nails
    • All of the above = more fat loss
  • How to make a TRINITY green smoothie:
    • MUST contain 1-2 servings of vegetables minimum (start small and then increase)
    • Frozen spinach is great to start out with
    • Vary your vegetables so you get a range of vitamins and minerals
    • Add fruit for flavour but don’t overdo it
    • Lemon, lime or ginger are GREAT for adding more flavour too
    • Optional: Add greens powder to improve taste and for extra vitamins/minerals
    • Top up with water
    • Overall, create a smoothie that YOU enjoy 🙂
  • Side effects
    • Certain fruits/veg may cause bloating or digestion issues
    • If the green smoothie is not working for you then experiment with different ingredients or reduce the quantities of certain vegetables