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WEEK 1 Eat – The Diet Makeover


WEEK 1 Eat – The Diet Makeover



Diet Makeover Survival Guide

Diet Makeover Shopping List

Key points:

  • The Diet Makeover – for just 2 weeks you will do the following:
    • No wheat (flour, pasta, bread)
    • No sugar or sweeteners (cakes, biscuits, processed foods, fruit juice, fizzy drinks, flavoured water)
    • No dairy (milk, cheese etc.)
    • No alcohol (wine, beer, spirits etc…)
    • Drink 3 litres of water per day
  • Why do the Diet Makeover
    • Get yourself out of bad habits
    • Will reduce cravings for bad foods and make the programme easier
    • Help you learn how to make better food choices to stay in shape long term
    • Boost energy and make you feel great
  • How to do the diet makeover
    • Read ingredients labels of the foods you buy and check for wheat, sugar, dairy
    • Eat until you are full and satisfied – it’s very hard to eat when sticking to these godo food choices
    • Stick to single-ingredient foods
      • Carbs: oats, basmati rice, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, butternut squash, pumpkin, unsweetened rice cakes, all colourful vegetables (and white veg like cauliflower), fruit
      • Proteins: all fresh meat (chicken, turkey breast, steak, beef mince, lamb), eggs, all fish (salmon, tuna, white fish, mackerel), whey protein isolate protein powder (90%), vegan protein powder
      • Fats: extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, nuts, avocado, nut butters, hummus, 85%+ dark chocolate
      • Drinks: water, sparkling water, green tea, black coffee/tea,  tea/coffee with unsweetened almond milk
    • Include protein, carbs and fats and veg in EVERY meal you eat
    • For now, just focus on these food choices – there is no need to track calories and we will introduce that in week 3
  • Common problems
    • Bloating – If you are not used to drinking plenty of water and eating lots of vegetables, you may experience some bloating but this should improve within 1-2 weeks
    • Headaches/migraines – Cutting out sugar can cause “withdrawal symptoms”, drink plenty of water and this should not last longer than 3 days
    • Gluten free products – Most of these contain lots of sugar, vegetable oils and other grains and are not much better that wheat containing products. Avoid them during these first two weeks
    • Sugary fruits – Avoid having a lot of sugary fruits like any dried fruits, bananas (except in green smoothie), mangos, pineapple etc.
  • How it works in terms of scoring
    • 1 point per day on your EAT score for avoiding wheat, sugar, dairy and alcohol
    • Max score for the week is 7/7