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Why Carbs and Fats Are The Missing Piece of the Puzzle When It Comes To Shaping Up

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Part 3 – Why Carbs and Fats Are The Missing Piece of the Puzzle When It Comes To Shaping Up



[/fusion_text][fusion_text]So… Carbs and Fats have both had bad press in recent years.

But in reality you need BOTH if you want to lose weight

After all, cutting out one of the 3 main food groups or “macronutrients” (usually shortened to “macros”) does seem pretty daft, right?

So what should you do and how much of each should you eat?

Let’s split them up and get to it:


Carbs have gained a bad rep in recent years, but in our experience, avoiding carbs for long periods of time is BULLSHIT!

Avoiding carbs long term won’t make you look good OR feel good!

See, carbohydrates are REALLY IMPORTANT if you want to lose weight and tone up WITHOUT…

RUINING your social life <– this is the important bit

After all, what’s the point of looking good if you have no friends!

Carbs are a brilliant source of energy, and just by tweaking the amount you eat (rather than removing them from your diet altogether) you can turn your body into a fat-burning furnace.

Luckily for you, we’ve already worked out the ideal amount of carbohydrates that you need to eat to lose fat an tone up, so just hit those targets and you’ll be on track for that killer figure you’ve always dreamed of.


It sounds wrong, but you actually need to EAT fat if you want to LOSE fat!

Contrary to popular belief, eating fat does not automatically make you fat.Fat is simply a source of energy for our bodies.

Of course, eat TOO MUCH fat and your body won’t be able to use all that energy. In that case the excess will be stored as fat, but this is no different from carbs or protein.

But why are fats important if you want to lose weight, tone up and feel great?

Well, fats are actually really important to allow your body to work properly.

Good fats help keep your hormones in check, which is REALLY important if you want to lose fat and tone up. They also help keep your skin and hair healthy and help you absorb vitamins, meaning you feel great and avoid getting ill.

However, as with carbohydrates and proteins, not all fats are equal.

There are good fats and bad fats, and you need to make sure you’re eating the right ones if you want to look great and feel great.

If you want to recap which are good and bad, refer back to the Foods to Eat and Avoid section of “The Manual” (which you should have downloaded in week 1 of The Foundation).

What to do now

So now you know WHY carbs and fats are important, it’s time to start tracking all your “macros” (carbs, proteins & fats) — this is so you get the absolute BEST results.

We’ll add this to your calendar in “The Journey” from now on as a reminder.[/fusion_text][separator style_type=”single” top_margin=”20″ bottom_margin=”40″ sep_color=”” border_size=”” icon=”” icon_circle=”” icon_circle_color=”” width=”” alignment=”center” class=”” id=””][fusion_text]So that’s it for this week! Top work getting this far and remember to track all your macros next week (protein, carbs & fats).[/fusion_text]