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The Work


The Work


Key points:

  • The last mindset tool of the TRINITY mindset routine
  • Based on The Work by Byron Katie
  • You MUST study “Loving What Is” by Byron Katie (book or audiobook) or The Little Book or you won’t get the benefits from this
  • Thoughts lead to Feelings e.g. I’m pissed off at my boss
  • Feelings influence your Actions e.g. Feeling stressed and binging on chocolate
  • Actions lead to Results e.g. Gaining weight
  • The Work helps you question your thoughts so you can ultimately get what you want
  • The process (4 questions) – for each thought/statement:
    • Is that true? Yes/No
    • Can you absolutely know that to be true? Yes/No
    • What happens when you believe the thought?
    • Who would you be without the thought?
  • Then you “Turn it around”:
    • To the self (+ 3 pieces of evidence where this is true)
    • To the other (+ 3 pieces of evidence where this is true)
    • To the opposite (+ 3 pieces of evidence where this is true)
  • When should I do it?
    • Weekly – Judge Your Neighbour Worksheet
    • Daily – One Belief at a Time Worksheet (on each of the beliefs on the Judge Your Neighbour Worksheet)
  • Again, remember The Tools include digital versions of the worksheets to help you do this process