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Advanced Workout Techniques


Advanced Workout Techniques


Key points:

  • Tension = making sure the right muscles are working
    • Builds stronger and better looking muscles
    • Put definition in the right places
  • Tempo = speed at which you raise, pause and lower the weight
    • e.g. 4-2-1 = 4 seconds to lower the weight, 2 second pause and 1 second to lift the weight
    • e.g. 3-0-1 = 3 seconds to lower the weight, no pause and 1 second to lift the weight
    • Get better results from your hard work in the gym
  • Pyramid sets = changing rep ranges between sets
    • e.g. 3 sets: 10, 20, 30 reps – do 10 reps for the first set, 20 reps for the second set and 30 reps for the third set
    • e.g. 5 sets: 12, 8, 6, 6, 15 reps – do 12 reps for the first set, 8 reps for the second set and 6 reps for the third set and fourth sets and 15 reps for the final set
    • Increase the weight if the reps decrease
    • Decrease the weight if the reps increase
  • Eccentrics = lowering portion of the lift
    • e.g. Eccentric pull ups – jump up to the top of the movement and lower yourself down slowly
    • You build more muscle from the lowering the weight than lifting the weight!
  • Form = maintaining good technique when lifting AND lowering the weight
    • Reduces risk of injury and shapes a better figure
    • Feet flat and engaged at all times (not on your toes)