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Counting Calories


Counting Calories


Key points:

  • Eating the right foods is important for fast results but…
  • Getting the right amount of food is even more important!
  • You need targets specific to you to get the fastest results
  • Over eating means you’ll gain weight
  • Less calories does not always mean faster results
  • Under eating too much kills your metabolism and stops your results
  • There’s a “sweet spot” in terms of calories that will get you the best results
  • It’s easy to get the wrong amount of calories by “just eating healthy”
  • People cannot notice the difference between:
    • Over eating by 20% (which means gaining 20lbs in a year)
    • Under eating by 20% (can slow¬†your metabolism)
  • How to count calories
    • Download calorie counting app to smartphone (e.g. MyFitnessPal)
    • Enter your nutrition targets
    • Turn off the step tracking function
    • Track everything you eat before you eat it
    • Practice makes perfect
    • Aim to get within 100 kcal of your target