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Guided meditation:

You can download the guided meditation audio below to help you with your meditation (you can download it by clicking the “download” icon).

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Key points:

  • You can’t get rid of stress – we ALL experience it
  • If we don’t have a mechanism to deal with stress, eventually it becomes overwhelming
  • When stress becomes overwhelming it can lead to sedation, e.g.
    • Chocolate
    • Wine
    • Other alcohol
    • TV
    • Netflix
    • Hiding away
    • Skipping the gym
  • Daily meditation is the other option and gives you:
    • The ability to choose
    • Clarity to make the right decision
    • Ultimately… POWER
    • Choice + Clarity + Power = more fat loss
  • How to meditate:
    • Sit/lie down
    • Set a timer on your phone
    • Close your eyes
    • Take three deep breaths
    • Count your breaths
    • Don’t worry about “thinking”
    • When you realise you’re thinking, come back to the number
    • Follow the timing guidelines in your calendar