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Key points:

  • Supplements are useless if your diet isn’t right – focus on diet first!
  • The supplements we recommend:
  • 1) ZMA
    • Helps improve sleep quality and recovery
    • Promotes healthy testosterone levels (keeps you lean)
    • Improves your muscle function (so you feel great!)
    • Helps with your immune system (avoid getting ill and stopping your progress)
  • 2) Omega 3s/Fish Oil
    • Helps to get your Omega 3 : Omega 6 balance back to a healthy level
    • Avoid heart disease, cancer, autoimmune diseases etc…
    • Helps reduce joint pain
    • Increases fat burning
  • 3) Protein Powder
    • Helps hit your protein targets (especially if you struggle with food alone)
    • A healthy choice after your gym session to curb post-gym cravings
  • We buy ours from or
  • Get your diet right first before worrying about supplements