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Before You Start (TRINITY)

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Before You Start…

The first thing you’ll need to do is get clear on your goals and answer four extremely important questions which will make or break the results you get from the TRINITY Bikini Body Blueprint…

If you do not take the time to get clear on your goals, don’t be surprised if you find yourself “falling off the wagon” and ending up exactly where you are now after 90 days.

In the video below, you will learn the difference between a good goal and a bad goal as well as how to go about setting goals for yourself.


Key points:

  • WHAT you want must be specific, measurable, realistic and positive.
  • A strong WHY behind your goal will stop you falling off the wagon.
  • You need to define HOW you will achieve the goal during this programme in terms of numbers:
    • How many times do you need to go to the gym each week?
    • How many days do you need to stick to your diet each week?
    • How much sleep are you going to get each night?
    • How much water are you going to drink each day?
  • If you are not prepared to do the HOW, change WHAT you want.
  • A goal must have a deadline WHEN you will achieve it.
  • As well as your 90 day goal, you will need 30 and 60 day benchmarks so you know whether you are on track.