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TeamTEG – Before You Start [Step 3]

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Step 3 – How To Get Started Tracking Your Nutrition

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So here’s what you need to do:

Your Simple 3-Stage “Action Plan” For Tracking Nutrition So You Start Melting Stubborn Belly Fat From Day-1

1. Get the MyFitnessPal App

Download the MyFitnessPal app to your smartphone and set up an account.

Add your first week’s nutrition targets (which we emailed to you 3-5 days after you filled in the initial consultation questionnaire).

You can do this by clicking on the “More” button, then select “Goals”, and then “Calorie & Macronutrient Goals.”

Important: DO NOT use the nutrition targets MyFitnessPal gives you. They are a VERY vague estimate based on very little data and will NOT get you results.

If you can’t set the macronutrient (protein, carbohydrates and fat) goals exactly, don’t worry. You can just set them to the nearest 5% for now.

2. Get a set of digital kitchen scales

If you haven’t already, get a set of digital kitchen scales — they don’t need to be anything fancy, just reliable and easy to use.

You’ll be using these in conjunction with MyFitnessPal to measure how much you are eating — after all, your body responds to HOW MUCH you eat much more than WHAT you eat (eat too little or too much and you won’t see results).

3. Start tracking everything you eat (and drink)

So now you have the tools, simply start tracking everything you eat using the MyFitnessPal app.

The key here is to put everything into the app BEFORE you start cooking. That way you can tweak the amount of each ingredient until you’re on track to hit your targets.

Warning: If you leave tracking until after eating you may forget what you ate, or even worse, you might get a nasty surprise and realise you’ve gone WAY over your calories.

^^ Now that all might seem quite daunting, so we’re going to give you a few simple tips that will help take the confusion out of the process so that you can start seeing fat-loss results from day 1:

5 Lesser-Known Tips To Make Counting Calories Effortless

1. Focus on calories first

Calories are the number one thing when it comes to tracking your nutrition. Focus on getting these right before you start to worry about macronutrient ratios.

2. Track your food before you eat

Before you start making a meal, enter the ingredients into your app or scan the barcode on your food packaging.

3. Don’t go overboard in one meal

If you are aiming to eat 2000kcal over the course of the entire day, don’t go and eat 1500kcal for breakfast!

4. Don’t worry about getting it bang on

Aim to get your total daily calories within 100kcal of your target. If you are slightly under or over, don’t worry, it’s not going to make a difference.

5. Practice makes perfect!

If you don’t get it bang on from the start, don’t worry! Tracking is a skill that takes practice to master, and learning how much food your body needs is a process that takes time. The more you do this, the easier it will become, so just keep on keeping on![/fusion_text][separator style_type=”single” top_margin=”20″ bottom_margin=”40″ sep_color=”” border_size=”” icon=”” icon_circle=”” icon_circle_color=”” width=”” alignment=”center” class=”” id=””][fusion_text]So now you’ve learned the basics of tracking your nutrition, you’re almost ready to start. Click on the button below to find out the final steps to take before embarking on your TeamTEG journey.[/fusion_text]