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Set Your Goals


MISSION 1 – Set Your Goals


Key points:

  • What kind of progress to expect
    • The progress you will see over the next 90 days depends on where you are body-wise at the start of the programme.
    • Generally, the more fat you have to lose, the bigger the change you can expect to see in your inches and measurements over a 90 day period
    • More fat to lose – expect to see more change in inches/weight
    • Less fat to lose – expect to see less change in inches/weight
  • How to set a good goal
    • WHAT do you want?
      • Must be specific, measurable, realistic and positive.
      • NOT based on weight <- this never works.
      • We recommend: dress size and inches with a deadline
    • WHY does it matter to you?
      • A strong WHY behind your goal will stop you falling off the wagon.
      • If you don’t care about achieving the goal you set… don’t be surprised when you lose motivation and don’t achieve it.
      • Figure out why getting these results really matters to you
    • HOW will you achieve it?
      • In TRINITY we work in terms of numbers:
      • How many times do you need to go to the gym each week?
        Recommended: 3-4 times per week
      • How many days do you need to stick to your diet each week?
        Recommended: 6/7 days per week
      • How much sleep are you going to get each night?
        Recommended: 7-8 hours
      • How much water are you going to drink each day?
        Recommended: 3 litres
      • If you are not prepared to do the HOW, change WHAT you want.
    • WHEN will you achieve it by?
      • A goal must have a deadline WHEN you will achieve it. Otherwise it will fall into the realm of “someday” which means you will never actually achieve it
    • 30 Day & 60 Day Benchmarks
      • As well as your 90 day goal, you will need 30 and 60 day benchmarks so you know whether you are on track.