Back in June, over 100 women entered our 90-Day Bikini Body Challenge competition with one aim…

To build a body which made them feel sexier and more confident in just 90 days (and be in with a chance of winning their share of £2000 worth of prizes awarded for the best transformations, voted for by the other competitors)

These women have all been following the hugely popular TRINITY Bikini Body Blueprint programme and have had help from their coaches Ben and Rob every step of the way…

But the results these ladies have got are all down to the hard work and effort hey have put in 😀

So now, it’s time to reveal the three winners for Round 1 of the 90-Day Bikini Body Challenge!

Top 3 Winners

1. Lynn Crombie

Prize – £100 Selfridges voucher

“Eek, can’t believe it, after seeing and reading all the fantastic efforts of the Chicas, Allan and silent Ben. I don’t do diets and Trinity isn’t a diet – I have learned so many new ways to work out with weights while learning how to eat a great balance of good food most of the time and “less healthy carbs and booze” a little of the time coz it’s been so easy to fit in to macros. “

2. Emma

Prize – £75 Selfridges voucher

“I’ve loved the challenge so far. Historically I’ve been a low carb cardio bunny going no where fast on a treadmill, but after just 30 days I feel like a strong, weight lifting, macro hitting, green smoothie-ing, meditating Chica, and I’m enjoying every second!

TRINITY isn’t the first programme I’ve followed this year (90 day SSS) but it really is the most thorough and educational. Once I got over my wobble about my wobble and realised that this is a life long education and not a quick fix, it all clicked into place!

The community that you’ve built is something really special too. My fellow Chicas, Allan and silent Ben are so supportive, advising and are on hand to share amazing recipes!

I’m looking forward to the next 60 days and beyond.”

3. Jade Chinery

Prize – £50 Selfridges voucher

“Before Trinity I filled my body with complete junk, too many takeaways and I had an addiction to fizzy energy drinks. I hated looking in the mirror to the point that I would avoid going near them, I felt depressed and angry with myself because I knew I was the only person to blame. I thought I was ugly and fat and felt the whole world thought so too! My anxieties are slowing becoming manageable, I can look at myself in the mirror AND I actually like what I see!! The 2 week diet make over was hard, my body wasn’t used to running without sugar but by the second week I felt better than ever, I couldn’t believe that the inches were actually budging and pretty quickly too! I rarely need to prep, I don’t need to overthinking what I can and can’t eat, eating out is easy and the food doesn’t have to be boring “diet food” or turkey mince!!  And the best bit….my main priority is no longer to lose weight/inches (although obviously that is a BIG bonus) my main priority is to be confident, to be healthy and to be strong (mentally and physically) and with help from Rob, Ben and the lovely FB Chica’s and Chico’s, I know I will in no time at all….I LOVE TRINITY <3”

Runners Up

Anna Atkins

“I’ve found the first 30 days of the bikini challenge (and TRINITY) amazing, I don’t feel like it is a chore to plan my meals, track or exercise. I’m enjoying every aspect of it, I feel strong and my confidence is on the climb! I enjoy every meal I eat because it is so flexible, It’s not a harsh ‘diet’, its sustainable and it really works! & the training makes me feel great, strong and lean! Overall I’ve felt more comfortable in my skin the past 30 days than I have for as along as I can remember & It’s all thanks to Trinity & the Boys (not forgetting the huge support from the Chica’s, Allen and Silent Ben)!”

Rose Key

“So 30 days in and I’ve honestly never felt better! The first two weeks of the nutrition plan were daunting at first but once I got stuck into it it actually wasn’t that difficult. Even now, I’m mostly dairy, wheat and sugar free and I don’t miss it at all. Even cake can’t tempt me which is a massive achievement for me! I finally feel in control of myself and my food choices so I’m winning already.”

Janice Schofield

“I have loved the first four weeks of trinity it’s not just an eating plan it’s all about the mindset and the variety of the weights . Whenever I’ve had queries I’ve emailed the. Boys and got a detailed and personal answer that’s enabled me to move on positively. I haven’t lost any more inches or weight but I’m toning up this 50 year old body and that makes me soooo  happy . “

Lesley Sullivan

Rebecca Vogt

“Getting into the TRINITY mindset took a while, the big INCREASE in calories compared to what I’d usually eat to lose a bit of wobble took some time to get used to. It was also a bit tricky getting my head round my macros! But it’s been so worth it. My meals generally fall into place quite easily now with regards to hitting my macros. And no boring cardio everyday has been an absolute dream! I love weights now! Feeling healthier and much stronger both physically and mentally. “

Sarah H

“I’ve loved the first 30 days of trinity, having a routine and focus in the gym has been a big plus for me, I come out of my sessions feeling great. I love the freedom of the food and the diet makeover made me really look at some of my eating habits and help reduce the bloating lots! The group page is a brilliant support, funny, uplifting and really informative. The weekly check-ins spur me on do better and being shortlisted is an even bigger boost to keep going. I feel happier all round since starting Trinity. “

Katie Ives

“This is the first plan I’ve been on and I’m really pleased I did it. It has focused my mind (with strategic goals throughout the programme) and has really helped me re-evaluate what I eat taking into consideration calories and macro targets – not that I’ve managed to meet them yet, it’s still a learning curve! The workouts are great and easily manageable at home in a small space and I love the contrast weeks. The plan really is an education and I like how Rob and Ben slowly add more information each week so it is not too overwhelming. At the weekly check-ins I was worried I would be ‘told off’ for not achieving all the workouts or not meeting my calorie targets but Rob and Ben’s responses are so positive and focus on what has been achieved which just gave me more confidence to continue. The fb group is also full of inspiring women who are all so helpful and supportive, it definitely helps me stay on track. All in all, it’s been a good four weeks, I don’t feel like I’m on a diet and I’ve learnt loads, can’t wait for next week.”