Back in June, over 100 women entered our 90-Day Bikini Body Challenge competition with one aim…

To build a body which made them feel sexier and more confident in just 90 days (and be in with a chance of winning their share of £2000 worth of prizes awarded for the best transformations, voted for by the other competitors).

These women have all been following the hugely popular TRINITY Bikini Body Blueprint programme and have had help from their coaches Ben and Rob every step of the way…

But the results these ladies have got are all down to the hard work and effort hey have put in consistently over the past 60 days — remember, consistency is key for any fat loss “transformation”.

So let’s get to it shall we?

It’s time to reveal the three winners for Round 2 of the 90-Day Bikini Body Challenge!

Top 3 Winners

1. Emma

Prize – £150 Selfridges voucher

“I’ve really enjoyed the past two months of TRINITY. The varied workouts mean that I’m not getting bored and I’ve gained an insight into why macros matter, not just calorie counting. The Facebook group is brilliant and so supportive – if I log onto Facebook it’s where I spend most of my time now! I’ve also been blown away by the resources available on the website. From the cookbook to the foundation videos, it’s so helpful, informative and useable and has ensured that I stay motivated and on track.

My biggest achievement, aside from being in the top ten of the bikini body challenge, is that I feel like I am becoming more confident in using macros and in weight training. I love the strength that I am gaining from it all.

In the final month I’m hoping to achieve a reduction in inches and body fat. I’m loving the look of the workout plan for the month, and will be looking to increase my weights to ensure that I give it 100%. I can’t wait!”

2. Luci Teiderman

Prize – £100 Selfridges voucher

“I’ve found the first two months of trinity brilliant. As a BC grad I was let floundering and totally uneducated and in two months I’ve learnt more about my health and wellbeing (both physically and mentally) than I thought possible.

My biggest achievements so far are definitely leg pressing 140kg this morning (4 x 20 reps too!) and my self confidence has increased lots. My husband calls me a secret goth due to how black my wardrobe is but guess what, I’m wearing colour these days, for me that’s a biggie.”

3. Sarah H

Prize – £75 Selfridges voucher

“I love this programme, it’s hard work at times to fit it in but making the effort to fit it in to my busy schedule is paying off as I get closer to achieving my body goals. I love the workouts and seeing my body slowly responding to the training and nutrition it’s getting.

This month has had some of my hardest weeks on the programme so far. I haven’t reached the scores I was getting in the first round and I have had one or two weeks where I have struggled to stay motivated and on track (my sugar addiction soon caught up with me). My biggest win has been not giving up and sticking with it, making it in this top 10 and getting back into my holiday shorts. I’m now looking forward to the final phase and my next cycle. Thank you team Trinity x”

Runners Up

Jade Chinery

“I have found the last two months challenging in regards to the work outs but the plan itself is so easy to follow, i don’t have to worry about what I am going to eat if I go out for dinner and I don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen! My biggest achievement is actually getting this far and still having the determination and drive to carry on with a second cycle, not because I need too but because I want too!! Over the next month I’m hoping to see more definition in my arms and stomach and push my self for perfect scores to get the very best out of the last few weeks of cycle 1 and give me the best possible start for a second cycle. I love how my mindset has changed over the past two months, I’m not obsessing over what I’m “missing out on” and no longer count down the days until the “diet” is over…. This is me now… I’m Jade, I am fit, I don’t drink and I make sensible choices (at least with food)…I couldn’t be happier to have joined such a great plan and supportive people!”

Rose Key

“The past two months of Trinity have certainly been a learning curve. I’ve learnt a whole lot but mainly how to fuel my body properly which has given me pretty good results so far and I can almost see some abs which is amazing! The programme has been incredibly informative and the Facebook group is such an awesome network of support.
Biggest win is losing 7lb (of fat hopefully) which, given that I thought that I didn’t have much to lose is great!
I’m hoping to continue to lean out in the next 30 days and am excited to see the end result!”

Janice Schofield

“The past two months of Trinity have flown by . I’ve enjoyed all of it – from learning about how to become more confident counting macros , the fantastic support from the FB group , Ben and Rob and how you are so quick to respond to any queries I’ve had – my main reason for joining was the personal aspect of it. I’ve missed hiits but I now know these are not essential to losing body fat.
My biggest achievement has been nominated for round 1 and round 2 of this challenge I don’t care if I don’t come in top 3 the nomination itself is a huge compliment. Although I have not lost any inches in the usual measurements I am toning and am actually losing fat  in other areas of this 50 yr old body that is clearly visible.
My macros have been adjusted slightly so I hope the body fat will continue to drop off in these last 4 weeks making me more lean.”

Lesley Sullivan

“60 days into Trinity and I am slimmer than I have been before and keeping it off! The program requires commitment but it is giving me the focus and the framework to achieve my goals.  The school summer holidays are a difficult time to focus on my fitness but I know if I do the best I can it wont be a waste.  I will be delighted if I can at least stay the same shape I am now as normally I put on quite a bit of weight which I then try and loose for Xmas!  I have seen steady results so far so I hope to keep the changes coming.  My mindset in relation to poor food choices, weight loss and visual body changes  has changed dramatically and I have lost alot of the guilt and stress that I have previously felt when trying to loose weight, tone up and be healthy!”

Lynne Duncan

“Im so pleased to have made it into the top 10 of the bikini challenge. The past two months have gone past so quickly.
Trinity has been great. I’ve learned a lot about macros and mindset. Ive also made some good friends inside the Facebook community.
My biggest achievement to date is going on holiday to America for 2 weeks and although my food choices weren’t as good as they could have been, I joined a gym while there to allow me to carry on with my training.
In my last month I’m hoping to drop my body fat lower and reveal the abs that I know are there!”

Ruth Gaskell

“I’ve been really enjoying trinity. The flexibility has been great. In terms of the training…’s varied which keeps it interesting and with contrast weeks you keep on doing a little of what you like. Contrast weeks also have allowed me to adapt training when I was away for the week without a gym without that feeling of failing at the plan. In terms of the eating, I love being in control of your own food choices. The way you build up to knowing how to fit your macros is so helpful and I never felt stressed with it. Other plans have required eating at specific times or keeping food types apart. But with this I eat what suits as long as it fits for the day……and I’m allowed to eat eggs *WITH* soldiers! Before eggs and carbs were not allowed together!
PS. Ive really enjoyed the addition of the podcasts the last few weeks and found them so useful.
Biggest achievement so far has been losing a few centimetres around the waist and lowering my body fat percentage while the other half didn’t even know I was following ‘a plan’. It really is something that I can carry on doing. (Though I’ve told him what I’ve been doing now I made the top 10 and he’s rooting for me and determined to help me make the top 3 next time round if i don’t now!)
In the last month I’m looking forward to dropping some more bf% and also learning more about how to move forward whether that be on my own now….. or after following another cycle. Depending on when I feel confident!”