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Your Action Plan


Your Action Plan

So here it is – your one week fat-burning action plan.

Bookmark this page to make sure you can access it on demand throughout this next week.

Here’s a quick explanation about what you’ll find in the action plan:

  • Train – Empowering fat-burning weights workouts
  • Eat – Personalised nutrition targets for losing weight and toning up

Click on the blue links in the calendar to access the relevant content. If you’re using a phone, turn your phone sideways or scroll left/right to see the full calendar.

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Train Learn How To Train Fat-Burning Weights Workout 1 Fat-Burning Weights Workout 2 Fat-Burning Weights Workout 3
Eat Calculate Your Nutrition Targets Track calories Track calories Track calories Track calories Track calories Join TeamTEG for more