Our nutrition and macronutrient ratio calculator makes working out your perfect diet plan much easier!

Knowing what calories and macros you should be eating lets you concentrate on the more important task of hitting those recommended nutrition targets and getting that dream body!

Once you’re into the calculator, simply fill in the form and it will calculate your caloric intake, protein requirements and macronutrient ratios, which will be emailed to you for safekeeping. These values should provide you with a great starting point for your nutrition plan!

Before You Start

Before you can use the nutrition calculator you need to work out two things:

  • Your Body Type
  • Your Body Fat Percentage

These both have a big impact on your nutrition targets, so it’s important you spent a couple of minutes working these out if you’re serious about getting head-turning results.

Work Out Your Body Fat Percentage

The easiest way to work out your body fat percentage is to estimate it using the diagrams below — do the best you can and be realistic.

Avoid using bathroom scales that tell you your body fat percentage – these can be wildly inaccurate and estimating by looking is almost always better!

If you are lucky enough to have access to a body composition scanner then that’s the best and most accurate method to use. However, these are expensive and usually only available to scientists, students and top athletes.Nutrition Calculator - Male and Female Body Fat Percentage Diagram

Work Out Your Body Type

We are all naturally different and have our individual strengths and weaknesses.

This calculator accounts for variation between individuals and doesn’t just lump you into a standard diet plan like most do (which is a MASSIVE mistake!). The key thing to remember is that whatever your body type, you can see amazing results with the right nutrition plan!

Read on for full body type descriptions…

EctomorphNutrition Calculator - Ectomorph Body Type


  • Thin with slender limbs
  • Delicate bone structure
  • Hard gainer, naturally skinny
  • Narrow waist and small shoulders
  • Fast metabolism
  • Requires high calories and carbs


Nutrition Calculator - Mesomorph Body Type


  • Naturally muscular and athletic
  • Strong, hard body
  • Gains muscle easily
  • Broad shoulders and square shaped body
  • Gains fat more easily than ectomorph
  • Can easily gain or lose weight
  • Requires moderate calories and carbs


Nutrition Calculator - Endomorph Body Type


  • Naturally strong with large joints
  • Soft, muscles less well defined
  • Thick, stocky bone structure
  • Gains muscle easily but also gains fat easily
  • Round physique
  • Slow metabolism
  • Requires fewer calories and carbs

Nutrition Calculator

So now you’ve worked everything out, it’s time to use the nutrition calculator!

Bear in mind that these targets are starting nutrition targets. In order to make progress long-term you will need to adjust your calories and macronutrients every week.

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