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When and why did you join TRINITY?

I joined Trinity at the beginning of the summer (June 2016). I was in a very negative place with my body at the time. I was at my highest non-pregnancy weight ever, nothing fit in my closet, and I didn’t want to go out and socialize because I just felt unhealthy and huge, and totally out of control.

What was your biggest concern about signing up for TRINITY?

I thought it would be another program that I started and never finished. Nothing seemed to keep me focused and get results.

What has changed in your life as a result of joining TRINITY?

The aspect that has changed the most cannot be seen in the mirror. I just feel better overall. I still struggle with minimal free time, fatigue and lack of motivation at times, but I just make myself drink a green smoothie and start my workout, focusing on one rep at a time. I fit it in at weird times, but I get it done. It will always be a struggle for me to keep going, but I feel so much better that I never want to have to start over again.

What did you like most about TRINITY?

  • I was really intrigued by the mindset program. It wasn’t just an afterthought of Rob and Ben, but a well-researched leg of the plan. I felt this may have been the missing piece for me, and was the reason I pulled the trigger and joined.
  • I am a numbers person, and counting macros has given me a sense of control in an area where I felt completely out of control. Gone are the days of black and white thinking, as I can eat anything I want. If I eat a cookie, I just fit it in my macros and move on!
  • I enjoy weight training and feel and see myself getting stronger. I really don’t love cardio, so I appreciate that the cardio is short and sweet and unsustainable.
  • Rob and Ben have a plan to boost my metabolism and enable me to lose fat and eventually maintain my level of fitness at a calorie level I never dreamed would be possible on my 5’1” frame! I thought I was doomed to a life of either 1000 cal/day or being 25 pounds overweight, but that is not the case!

Would you recommend TRINITY?

I would absolutely recommend Trinity. The program is evidence-based and introduced me to the concept of IIFIYM which is a very powerful tool. The workouts are effective and the Facebook community is supportive and hysterical!

Final thoughts

Rob and Ben — the boys are totally accessible to me. I am doing Black Box which keeps me more accountable. I like to think that if I didn’t show up on a live call or send in my check-ins, they will notice. They are knowledgeable, concerned and pretty darned adorable!