Ever wondered how to get rid of a cold? While nothing can beat time resting and recuperating, this soothing drink is designed to help you fend off those pesky colds and get you back in action ASAP!

Honey has been shown to be more effective than conventional drugs for soothing a sore throat or cough. 5+ Manuka Honey has anti-microbal properties and has even been shown to be effective against certain forms of MRSA virus! Lemons are a great source of vitamin C which helps strengthen the immune system. Mint leaves help to eliminate toxins from the body and provide a refreshing taste to wake you up in the morning! Green tea has tons of health benefits which you can read about here.


Serves 1


  1. Boil the kettle and brew a large mug of green tea
  2. Chop half a lemon into slices and combine the rest of the ingredients in a protein shaker or tea pot and mix well