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So you want to get lean, strong and toned, right?

Well, then you’re gonna need to eat some quality protein!


Well, scientific research has repeatedly found that diets high in protein have been found to help people lose more fat AND get more toned.

Protein also helps fill you up, meaning you’ll be less likely to eat too much food and put on body fat.

And to top it all off, eating plenty of protein also helps give you sleek, shiny hair and strong nails – not bad, eh?

So protein helps you look good AND feel good.

Got that? Good.

Now, choosing the highest quality protein sources should be your top priority if you want to lose fat, tone up and feel super-strong.

You DEFINITELY want to avoid getting protein from processed foods such as burgers, hot dogs, fried chicken and any other junk food. These come packed full of bad fats and additives that will make your skin greasy and spotty, plus they’ll increase the chances of you getting serious life-threatening diseases like heart disease and cancer.

So, what foods are HEALTHY sources of protein?

Well, the majority of our protein should come from lean cuts of meat, fish, eggs, low fat dairy and whey protein (obviously if you are vegetarian or vegan this may not be possible!).

Fattier cuts of red meat and poultry CAN be eaten occasionally but these tend to be high in saturated fats and omega 6 fatty acids, which we don’t want to eat too much of (more about this later).

Here’s our ultimate list of healthy sources of protein:

  • Eat 80% of the time – All fish, chicken/turkey breast meat, eggs, greek yogurt, low fat cheese, lean red meat, whey protein powders, tofu/meat substitutes
  • Eat 20% of the time – fatty cuts of red meat, chicken/turkey leg meat, full fat cheese, whole milk
  • Treat Meals Only – processed meats, burgers, hot dogs, anything deep fried or battered, chicken/turkey skin

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Note- Here’s a quick reminder of what the categories above mean:

Eat 80% of the time – you can eat these every day
Eat 20% of the time – eat these once or twice a week
Treat Meals Only – eat these for treat meals only

The majority of what you eat should come from the 80% section. The TMO foods should be reserved for “treat meals” as they really aren’t healthy – they should be kept to one meal a week at the most (aka the “treat meal”)!