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Carbs have gained a bad rep in recent years, but in our experience, avoiding carbs for long periods of time is BULLSHIT!

Avoiding carbs long term won’t make you look good OR feel good!

See, carbohydrates are REALLY IMPORTANT if you want to lose weight and tone up WITHOUT…

RUINING your social life <– this is the important bit

After all, what’s the point of looking good if you have no friends!

Carbs are a brilliant source of energy, and just by tweaking the amount you eat (rather than removing them from your diet altogether) you can turn your body into a fat-burning furnace.

However, there are still good and bad sources of carbs, and eating the WRONG types of carbs too often WILL stop you losing fat and toning up.

So, what are good healthy sources of carbohydrates?

Well, your first priority should be avoiding carbs with a high glycemic index (GI), as these are more likely to cause you to put on fat.

Carbs with a high GI (like sugar and white bread) also have the nutritional value of cardboard, so they won’t help you feel good OR look good (remember, bad food = bad skin, bad hair and bad nails)!

Instead you want to stick to 1-ingredient carbs which typically have a low GI, like rice, potatoes, colourful vegetables and fruit.

Here’s our complete list of healthy sources of carbohydrates to get you started:

  • Eat 80% of the time – rice (basmati, brown, long grain), white potato, sweet potato, yams, oats, ALL vegetables, salad leaves, low sugar fruits (berries, melon, lemon, lime, apples, grapefruit)
  • Eat 20% of the time – brown bread, rice (short grain, risotto), brown pasta, sugary fruits (banana, mango, pineapple, orange, cherry, grape, kiwi), rice cakes
  • Treat Meals Only – white bread, white pasta, cereal, fruit juice, cakes, muffins, cookies, doughnuts, ice cream, fast food (pizza, fries, etc.), sugary drinks (soda, fruit juice, energy drinks, milkshakes)

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Note- Here’s a quick reminder of what the categories above mean:

Eat 80% of the time – you can eat these every day
Eat 20% of the time – eat these once or twice a week
Treat Meals Only – eat these for treat meals only

The majority of what you eat should come from the 80% section. The TMO foods should be reserved for “treat meals” as they really aren’t healthy – they should be kept to one meal a week at the most (aka the “treat meal”)!