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[fusion_text]Who doesn’t love a trifle? So let’s have one for breakfast… cue the Floaty Oatie Trifle.

This healthy version of the classic pudding can be used as a breakfast pre-workout meal, dessert for you and some other lucky devil, or simply as a snack-style treat split up throughout the week. Each layer of the trifle compliments the others, with the soft flavour and light texture of the topping and sponge countering the sweet and sharp punch of the berries.

The combination of low GI oats and berries with the medium GI fluffy Dream Topping allows for a steady release of energy to keep your body’s fire stoked all day.


Servings: 1 or 2
Macros: 705 kcal, 28g fat, 77g carbs, 12g fibre, 35g protein
Floaty Oatie Trifle Macros
  • 100g  Raspberries
  • 100g  Mixed Red Berries
  • 50g  Oats (processed into fine flour)
  • 35g  Egg Whites
  • 20g  Whey protein powder (low carb, vanilla flav.)
  • 50ml  Unsweetened Almond milk
  • 50ml  Red Berry Fruit Smoothie (Naked Superfood Smoothie used)
  • 1 packet  Birds No Added Sugar Dream Topping (made as per instructions on packet)
  • Pinch of baking powder, salt, sweetener and cinnamon
  • Small amount of butter/coconut oil for greasing


  1. Pre-heat your oven to 200°C (180°C for fan assisted).
  2. In a large mixing bowl, make up the dream topping as per the instructions on the packet (with 150ml  of semi-skimmed milk) and put it in the fridge to chill.
  3. Next, gently combine your berries with the smoothie and some sweetener in a bowl and pop this next to your dream topping in the fridge.
  4. Get the egg whites, oat flour, almond milk, protein powder, baking powder, salt, sweetener and cinnamon into a mixing bowl and whisk it up until completely blended.
  5. Transfer the combined ingredients to a small greased ramekin or baking tin, and whack it in the oven for 15-20mins until it is golden brown on top with a spongey feel when pressed.
  6. Take it out of the oven and allow it to completely cool before removing it from the tin and slicing into half-centimeter-thick disks.
  7. Now comes the assembly part. Taking a tall glass/plastic container (roughly the same diameter as your sponge disks), put in a sponge disk, followed by a layer of the berry mix, then a layer of dream topping. Repeat this process until all the disks are used.
  8. Once your mouth watering trifle stack is constructed, stick it back in the fridge ready for breakfast the next day.

*Macros information refers to the recipe making a single serving