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HIIT is seriously effective at burning fat – we know that! (If you don’t, read this)

But HIIT doesn’t have to be limited to sprints on the treadmill, rowing machine or step master – oh no!

You can perform HIIT anywhere!

This explosive HIIT workout can be done anywhere with a set of stairs. That makes it a perfect home HIIT workout (unless you have a bungalow).

You could also do this one out in the street (just find the a ledge or set of steps to jump up), in a hotel or at the gym.

This means you never have to miss a cardio session again!

And what’s more, HIIT is so efficient it means you can smash out an effective cardio workout in just 10 minutes, so there’s no need to spend hours on the treadmill, cross trainer or exercise bike.

Give this one a go and, as always, don’t forget to let us know how you got on via Twitter (@TrainEatGain).

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Workout Breakdown

Here is a breakdown of the full workout shown in the video — useful if you’re finding it hard to keep up with the video or if you’re not able to watch it whilst working out.

The workout should take no longer than 10 minutes but is guaranteed to get your heart racing. If you find it too easy or you just fancy a longer workout, repeat the workout more times for a hardcore 20 minute HIIT session.

The workout:

1a. Box Jumps [10 reps]

– 30-seconds rest –

1b. Clap Push Ups [10 reps]

– 30-seconds rest –

1c. Burpee tuck jumps [10 reps]

– 30-seconds rest –

Repeat this 3-5 times for a killer home HIIT workout!

Workout FAQs:

Q: “How high should the box jumps be?”

Choose a height which really challenges you for 10 reps.

Q: “What if I can’t do clap push ups?”

If you find clap push ups too hard, perform regular push ups or push ups on your knees.

Q: “How high should I jump on the burpee tuck jumps?”

Jump as high as you can and tuck your knees into your chest.