Discover How To Ditch The ‘Girl-Repellent’ Gut And Build A Lean Cover Model Physique (Without Giving Up Your Social Life)

With our Cutting Plan you will:

  • Finally ditch the stubborn fat (especially from your gut) so that you no longer look like a 3-months pregnant mum in a t-shirt
  • Reveal a shredded 6-pack so that you can’t wait to get your shirt off at the beach (Warning: Abs are kryptonite for women)
  • Get leaner whilst eating WHATEVER you want when out with your mates (no more falling off the wagon!)
  • Never waste money on a weight loss product EVER again – you’ll have more money to save for that new car or 60″ TV

What Others On The Plan Are Saying

“I’ve been looking over my photos throughout this journey and can’t believe it’s me. You once made a comment that I had the physique of a 25 year old. Looking at the photo today I believe you now.”

– Mark Betts

“TEG helped massively whilst doing the cutting challenge whilst I was down the Falkland Islands for 4 out of the 6 months . I think if you guys were like other companies and just give out the program and not give advice I think I would have just given up to be honest.”

– Gaz Evans

“Going to the gym with a clear structure to go by calories counted out properly workouts quality all I had to do was give everything and that I did (still not had alcohol since new years eve by the way). I can’t wait to start my new challenge and continue on the TrainEatGain fun bus.”

– Mickey Ross