So this is it! The Cutting Challenge 2015 has come to an end.

In January we took on over 330 applicants with one aim: to transform their depressing Christmas pudding bodies into head-turning summer physiques they could be proud of.

We taught them our fat-burning secrets (it’s actually very simple) and picked them up when they slipped up, but otherwise the results are all down to these guys and girls and their hard work.

And now, after 6 months of blood, sweat and tears, it’s time to crown this year’s king and queen of cutting!

Top 5 Girls

1. Sarah Teasdale [Female Winner]

Sarah has had absolutely mind-blowing results with #TeamTEG over the past 6 months.

So incredible that if we hadn’t seen all the progress pictures we wouldn’t even have believed these two photos were the same person.

So huge congratulations Sarah, you’re our Cutting Challenge 2015 female winner.

Here’s what Sarah has to say about the past 6 months with #TeamTEG:

“I started the train eat gain plan 6 months ago because I was training hard, running three times a week, lifting 2-3 Times a week and yoga on my day off but I wasn’t seeing the result I wanted! I had gotten to a low weight in the July before and the scales hadn’t moved since, it didn’t matter how little I ate or how many more miles I ran my body wouldn’t change any more. When I saw the plan I thought what have I got to loose, what I’m doing now isn’t giving me the results I want so I might as well try something a bit different. When I first started the plan it was scary, I was eating a good 500 calories a day more and doing no cardio but after the first couple of weeks I could see it was working. For the first time in 8 months my stomach was shrinking and I was getting that “toned” look. I have loved every bit of the plan and once I saw the results I was getting I was hooked and have followed every bit of Rob and Ben’s advice. Now that the plan is over I’m still hooked on the gym and still eating the same as I have been during the plan, this isn’t a diet with an expiry date this is a lifestyle and a way of life now and I can’t thank the guys enough for showing me the way! This is what I’ve done in six months can’t wait to see what me and my body can do in the next few on the bikini muscle guide! Bring it on!!”

2. Laura Sneddon

Check out that incredible bikini body — Laura’s going to be able to hold her head high on the beach this summer!

Laura has been in the top 5 every month for the past 6 months and with good reason too! Well done Laura, you’ve been consistent and committed and it’s paid off big time.

Here’s Laura’s story from January with #TeamTEG:

“I signed up for #CC2015 as I was fed up with how I looked. I ended 2014 overweight and depressed but I decided enough was enough. I can honestly say it was the best thing I’ve ever done and I feel so much happier and healthier.  I really enjoyed the workouts which were varied and challenging and kept me interested over the last 6 months. I’ve also enjoyed trying out different recipes posted on their website which proves that eating healthy certainly doesn’t have to be boring! The TEG community is awesome and everyone is so supportive, sharing knowledge, tips and advice. I’m especially grateful to Rob and Ben who have been fantastic. They give up so much time to provide us all with fantastic support and their personal approach makes them stand out from everyone else. They have taught me the importance of having a healthy balanced diet and that you don’t have to spend hours running on a treadmill to get the body you want.  I have achieved my results by following their awesome plan and by listening to their advice. The most important thing of all is that it is sustainable in the long term.  I’m going to continue building on what I’ve achieved so far and hopefully become even stronger and leaner. Strong is defo the new skinny! Thanks for everything guys :-)”

3. Maxine Hayward

Maxine has gone from mum-bod to potential bikini competitor in the past 6 months!

It’s fantastic that Maxine no longer feels ashamed to be in a bikini — no one should feel that way in our opinion and we’re so glad we could help her shape a body to be proud of.

Here’s Maxine’s #TeamTEG story:

“I initially started with TEG after moving a long way from my training buddy. I was doing my own stuff in a new gym and was mainly back to cardio, I was not confident without my buddy leading the way.

“A couple of months after I moved and seeing no change, putting weight on over Christmas, Steph tagged me on the cc2015 challenge . I read through and thought, I can’t do this, I am not fit enough. I had years of struggling with weight and hating having photos taken,  never dreamt I could have photos of me in a bikini and not feel ashamed!

“I gave myself a talking to and signed up , not thinking I would be accepted or complete it. 6 months later I can say it was the best decision ever ( thanks Steph for the tag). Rob and Ben are so supportive and encouraging , I was never made to feel a failure, they adapted the plan to when I injured myself and the plan itself allowed for me to still be able to train when I was on holiday.

“I started seeing changes really quickly and the nutrition plan was adaptable and easy , no starving !! sometimes I couldn’t believe how much I could have. The workouts were brilliant and varied, I was really excited for each new month. I can always email the guys for support , advice and Information and the support online from the other TeamTEG members is fantastic too.

“I have been recommending TrainEatGain to any of my friends that have asked what my secret is (and there have been a few) . Who needs secrets when you have Rob and Ben in your corner?

“I now know I can achieve so much, I have increased in confidence massively in the gym and I can’t Wait To start a new challenge with TrainEatGain with a much better starting point both emotionally and physically.

“Thanks guys you are the best!!!”

4. Jodie Chandler

Check out that tiny waist!

Jodie started off typically a little overweight with all the classic (and slightly depressing) wobbly bits that creep up on you over time.

But Jodie stuck it out with #TeamTEG and has totally transformed her figure. She’s now got that enviable celebrity hourglass figure. I just hope she carries a stick with her at all times as I bet the guys can’t keep their hands off her!

Jodie’s a woman of few words it would seem (but BIG results) — here’s her review of her #TeamTEG experience:

“Very comprehensive and easy to follow and the team were great for any questions along the way.”

5. Charlie Hefferon

Charlie is the perfect case in point for our ‘bodyweight doesn’t tell the story’ campaign.

If you’re already relatively lean you really can’t gauge progress by the scales.

Charlie has completely transformed the shape of her figure over the past 6 months. Looking at her starting photo, you’d presume she wasn’t made to have a tiny waist and coke-bottle physique. But after 6 months (but just 1.5lbs lost) she’s totally changed shape and put that to bed!

Charlie’s now in the enviable position where she’s put in the hard work and built an incredible physique (through weight training of course) and can now enjoy a much more balanced lifestyle, enjoying plenty of treats, rather than yo-yoing between diets. Hard work pays off!

Here’s Charlie’s take on her #TeamTEG experience:

“As I’ve said before though, this isn’t a short term thing for me. It’s a lifestyle. As long as I’m 80% good, I’m happy with that! Haha! I still have to remind myself how far I’ve come from my ‘fat’ days…!

“This plan has pushed me really hard with the workouts, I’m lifting heavier than I ever have before now! I’m away on holiday next week, but planning on a couple of PT sessions when I get back to make me a bit more confident at the squat rack, I know I’ve got more to give, it’s just finding the braveness to do it!

“I’ve lost a total of 10cm from my body, mainly stomach/ hips area – to be honest, I don’t have a lot anywhere else to lose!! Typical girl body, carry my weight round my middle. Having said that, I’m literally only 1.5lb lighter than when I started in January. So it’s not all about the numbers on the scales!

“Thank you so much for your continued support with everything, I’m super grateful!”

Top 5 Guys

1. Mark Betts [Male Winner]

We recently told Mark he had the body of a 25 year old. That was bullshit.

He’s FAR more shredded than the average 25 year old!

At 47, Mark has surpassed all expectations and has come out victorious as the king of our 2015 Cutting Challenge. Well done Mark!

Here’s Marks thoughts on the last 6 months with #TeamTEG:

“I’ve been looking over my photos throughout this journey and can’t believe it’s me. You once made a comment that I had the physique of a 25 year old. Looking at the photo today I believe you now.

“I want to say a HUGE thank you to both of you. It’s a cliche I know but I could not of achieved this result without your constant support, programming, encouraging (and often amusing) emails and knowing that you’ve got my back.

“Guys,  once again thank you. I wish you both all the success you deserve. I will forever champion your work and I am hoping that everyone else in the TEG community will to.

“Thanks for everything.”

2. Gaz Evans

Gaz has proven that there are NO excuses when it comes to getting your dream physique.

Gaz has been based on the Falkland islands for the majority of the challenge, where amongst other complications there was more booze than food (someone’s got their priorities a bit wrong down there!), yet he did what he could with what was available and still got absolutely shredded.

So those of us with access to a supermarket and our own kitchen, let’s count ourselves lucky, stop making excuses and start taking action!

Here’s Gaz’s thoughts on his experience with #TeamTEG:

“One of the reasons I started the cutting challenge was down too the lack of knowledge I had on genuinely toning up and knowing how to eat healthy . This Christmas period was very brutal with regards to how much food I ate . Having 2 Christmas dinners with 2 sets of parents was amazingly awesome for the taste buds but not for body fat percentage . I saw TEG had the cutting challenge after following them on Twitter and made the jump .

“TEG helped massively whilst doing the cutting challenge whilst I was down the Falkland Islands for 4 out of the 6 months . I think if you guys were like other companies and just give out the program and not give advice I think I would have just given up to be honest. Considering all the recipe’s for disaster down there i.e more booze than food on the island ( literally it’s true the island was on rationed food at some points but the bars would never run out of the finest export beers ), the laddish behaviour of doing very stupid stuff out of boredom and the potential of just buying a bag of crap and sitting watching a movie, I stuck too it as hard as I could souly just because you guys replied to any problems I had regarding food and macros etc.

“The program has made me realise that I have come a very long way in the 6 months, having the frame at the start but no real definition I had to work hard. But now I’m looking toned from this challenge I’ve started to appreciate and enjoy the way I’m looking , knowing how to eat healthily enjoy the occasional cheat meal and feel fucking confident too 🙂

“Another massive help was the group on Facebook #TeamTEG , with guys on there giving full support to each other. Each one of us with our own personal battles with either wait loss or toning up using TEG’s different programs. I found my self asking about certain pains I was getting and some nutrition advice It’s even a great way to get really jealous at some of their cooking skills with the amount of food porn on there, it gets you bloody hungry !

“So once again cheers for your help and too everyone on #TeamTEG . Everyone who has finished this challenge look unbelievable and we should all be proud of our own achievements. I’m very looking forward to what brutal muscle program your coming up with now and determined to use that to bulk up for the winter!
“Here’s to you Train Eat Gain!”

3. Mickey Ross

Mickey has been an absolute trooper!

He had the work ethic all along and just needed someone to show him an approach that really got results. Luckily Mickey found us and we had the pleasure of doing just that.

We can’t wait to see what Mickey can achieve with #TeamTEG over the next few months!

Here’s Mickey’s thoughts on his last 6 months with #TeamTEG:

“Have to say it was the best thing to happen to me for years to be selected right at the very beginning. What got me to that stage was years of kidding myself my body was in a good place because I was going to the gym 3/4 days a week but having no idea of what and how to get where I wanted to be.

“Then the email came over I’d been selected for the CC2015 then everything changed. Going to the gym with a clear structure to go by calories counted out properly workouts quality all I had to do was give everything and that I did (still not had alcohol since new years eve by the way). I can’t wait to start my new challenge and continue on the TrainEatGain fun bus.

“Thanks again chaps your support is second to none.”

4. Michael Adeniran

Michael has completely transformed himself from the classic post-uni beer belly (his girlfriend’s words not ours!) back to his former athletic self (and more).

Michael is a perfect example of how consistency is the MOST important thing when it comes to getting in shape. Michael almost never skipped a workout and that shows in his results (it helps when you have new fun workouts every month!).

Here’s Michael’s thoughts on his time with #TeamTEG:

“The cutting challenge 2015 literally changed the way I thought about health fitness and diet. Their plans are excellent for advanced and even more so beginners. I felt like I had guidance all the way through and I feel amazing with my new self. I have completely changed my body and feel way more confident.  I recommend this to everyone wanting to get great results.”

5. Chris Powers

Wow! Chris looks like a totally different guy!

I would have put Chris as a kind of ‘bigger-boned’ type of guy looking at his first photo, but his progress just shows that there’s a lean physique lying within all of us. You just need the right diet and training to unlock it!

Here’s Chris’ review of the past 6 months with #TeamTEG:

“Amazing 6 months, an easy to follow, easy to stick to workout and nutrition plan. Have seen incredible results, and have totally changed my views on how to eat and workout. Can’t thank you enough guys.”

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