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If you are interested in contributing content to, please read the terms and conditions at the bottom of this page then fill out the contributor sign-up form below:


Contributor Terms and Conditions

Post Topics

The purpose of is to help people learn more about how they can get in great shape. This is achieved through posting training articles, workouts, nutrition articles and healthy recipes. Please confirm all article ideas and titles with Train Eat Gain Ltd. before writing your article – we want to avoid wasting your time by making sure you are creating content we can use!

All content should be consistent with that which is already published on our site. The style of articles should be conversational, as if you were talking to another person and giving them advice. Try to avoid making opinionated statements or claims which are not backed up by evidence. Make sure to either include a reference or a link to an external site where more information can be found. Below is a list of topics which we would like to base future articles around:

Diet/Nutrition topics:

Alcohol, Breakfast, Eating Tips, Fasting, Grocery Shopping, Organic, Basics of Nutrition, Cooking Basics and Tips, Fast Food, Holidays, Nutrition Mistakes

Recipe/Ingredient Topics:

Fish, Meat, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Low-Carb, Sugar/Sweeteners, Water, Salt, Milk, Fruits and Vegetables, Snack Foods

Workout Topics:

HIIT, Mass Gain Programs, Crossfit, German Volume Training, 5×5 Training, Core Training, Beginner Workout Programs, Grip, Powerlifting, Pyramid Training, Strength, Yoga, Strongman Competition, Short Workouts, Sports Training, Heart Rate, Cardiovascular, Home Workouts

Training Topics:

Training Myths, Weak Points, Increasing Intensity, Stretching, Training Frequency, Warming Up, Training on the Go, Reps and Sets, Negative Reps, Rep Tempo, Breaking Plateaus, Training Frequency, Training Partners, Gym Etiquette, Female Training, How-to do Exercises, Top Exercises for Body Part

Article Content

Content must be contributor’s own original work and not published anywhere else online. Plagiarism is not permitted. When quoting others, please cite your sources accordingly. Once you’ve submitted your article to us you may not publish this article anywhere else online (not on your own website or blog or anyone else’s). Please keep your article between 300 – 1,000 words.


The payment method and amount for each article will be arranged with Train Eat Gain Ltd. prior to commencing writing of the article and will reflect both the word count and complexity of the article. You may choose to either be paid for your article by bank transfer or PayPal. Payment will be made on a per word basis and articles will be charged at $0.03/£0.02 per word ($15/£10 for 500 words and $30/£20 for 1000 words).


Train Eat Gain Ltd. welcomes images and/or video to accompany articles. Train Eat Gain Ltd. prefers that images you provide are directly relevant to the article content. If you’re including pictures of people, please make sure you have their permission to use them. If you’re borrowing an image we require proper attribution to the creator of the image. Images must be at least 800 pixels wide and of a similar quality to those used throughout


We don’t allow links to your site within the main article content unless they are relevant to the article and genuinely enhance the reader experience. Excessive links or any links that appear spammy will be removed.


Train Eat Gain Ltd. reserves the right to make edits to the piece where necessary to ensure the blog stays congruous with our values. If an article is inappropriate or needs improvement we’ll let you know and offer suggestions so that we can publish it in the future.


Train Eat Gain Ltd. reserve the right to refuse publication, remove blog content and change these guidelines as we see fit.

How to submit

Please submit your article via email to with any relevant images attached.